ECO Scheme Grants and Best Prices
for Night Storage Heaters

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    Do You Qualify for a Grant to Help Replace Your Broken Storage Heaters?

    You May Qualify if……

    1. You live in your own home and
    2. You receive certain State Benefits, Tax Credits or other Allowances and
    3. You have broken electric storage heaters installed in your home
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    Looking for a quote to install Dimplex night storage heaters?

    Free, no obligation quotes…..

    • Save up to 27% on your heating bills
    • Modern, slimline designs to suit your home
    • Intelligent controls to deliver heat when you need it

ECO Grants are no longer available to replace broken electric storage heaters, however you may qualify for a grant to have central heating installed.

If you have Broken Electric Storage Heaters, Click HERE for more information about First Time Central Heating Grants or HERE if you live in Liverpool.


Storage Heater Grants

To qualify for an ECO Grant to help you replace your broken electric night storage heaters you must:

Live in your own home.

Receive one of the qualifying State Benefits, Tax Credits or other Allowances.

Have broken electric night storage heaters installed in your home at the time of your free ECO survey.

More information about the qualifying criteria for grants to help replace broken night storage heaters can be found HERE.

Storage Heater Quotes

We install new Dimplex™ electric night storage heaters in homes in the North West and North Wales.

If you would like to replace your old, inefficient night storage heaters, complete the quotation form.

We will call you back shortly to arrange a free survey. 

Dimplex™ Quantum™ smart storage heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heaters.  

Click HERE for more information.

Night Storage Heaters

Night Storage Heaters are specifically designed to heat up during the night, store that heat and then release it when required during the day time. 

The reason why night storage heaters can make perfect sense is that electricity suppliers provide cheaper electricity during the night time when demand is low. A separate electricity meter measures the amount of electricity used and charges a different tariff such as Economy 7.

Night storage heaters are also referred to as Electric Storage Heaters or Off-Peak Heaters.

There are four different types of night storage heater, each offering different levels of control and efficiency:

Manual Night Storage Heaters need the heat input settings and heat output settings manually set to determine how much heat is stored during the night and how much is released during the day time. This type of night storage heater are not installed anymore but there are probably tens of thousands still in use.

Automatic Night Storage Heaters automatically adjust the amount of heat stored overnight. This is based on the room temperature and makes them more energy efficient than manual storage heaters.

Combination Night Storage Heaters build up heat during the night similar to automatic models but can also add heat during the day if required. 

Dimplex Quantum high heat retention storage heaters have smart control systems which mean that they can build up exactly the right amount of heat during the night. They are highly insulated so as not to waste heat and can provide extra heat during cold days due to a direct acting element and convector fan.

Dimplex Quantum is the most advanced, economical, off-peak electric heater on the market.

Dimplex Quantum Night Storage Heaters
Storage Heater Grants
  • Storage heater grants are available to help you replace your broken night storage heaters
  • The Government’s ECO Scheme provides grants to help you heat your home properly
  • You, or someone in your home, must receive one of the qualifying benefits or allowances
  • This is a replacement scheme, so you must have broken night storage heaters to remove
  • You must also live in your own home to qualify for a grant to help replace broken night storage heaters
Storage Heater Quotes
  • We provide competitive quotations to supply and install smart night storage heaters
  • Modern night storage heaters are up to 27% cheaper to run than outdated ones
  • All installations by qualified electricians and an NIC EIC Electrical Certificate issued
  • Old storage heaters removed and recycled, new ones usually installed within 7 days
  • A 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty covers all parts and labour – Guaranteed
Dimplex Quantum vs. Ordinary Night Storage Heaters

Most conventional night storage heaters have very simple input and output controls, but the Dimplex Quantum is controlled by a thermostat, meaning you can control your temperature output to 1°C increments.

Dimplex Quantum night storage heaters will also automatically adjust its settings to maintain this required temperature to within +/- 0.3°C, giving you more accuracy and control over your heating than any other storage heater on the market can provide.

The Quantum also makes use of intelligent sensors, measuring the room temperature and adapting to match your needs and climatic conditions, resulting in the Quantum only delivering heat only when it is needed.

Dimplex Quantum, like select other night storage heaters, makes use of dual power supply which means that heat will always be available, even during times of unexpected demand.

This way the main source of your heat will always be off-peak energy, but in times of need, the Dimplex Quantum’s boost function can draw energy from the peak supply (if you want it to) ensuring you will never be without heat.

With its advances in insulation Dimplex Quantum night storage heaters energy retention cells are able to retain a higher heat for longer when compared to traditional storage heater bricks.

This means that Dimplex Quantum night storage heaters work more efficiently than its night storage heater counterparts, as it reduces the amount of heat that is naturally lost whilst it is being stored.

Dimplex Quantum is proven to be up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system, and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system.

An independent test has shown that a heating system using a mix of Quantum off-peak heaters and direct acting convectors (such as the Dimplex Q-Rad) can offer running cost savings of up to £418 per annum when compared to a manual static storage system, and up to £975 per annum when replacing an electric convector or radiator system on standard tariff.

The Dimplex Quantum uses the same theory as a traditional night storage heater, taking in off-peak energy throughout the night and storing it until it is needed, but Quantum technology is totally unrivalled by its counterparts, providing you with the most cost-effective, intelligent storage heater on the market today.

Night Storage Heaters
Night Storage Heaters
Night Storage Heaters
Night Storage Heaters
Night Storage Heaters
Night Storage Heaters